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I finally updated my acoustic work website. Long overdue. I included this blog so I can keep clients, friends and prospective clients updated on my acoustics work. After finishing up 2 large jobs that included a 5000 sq ft. school audio suite and a Library multi-presentation level of performance suites I was afforded a respite to update this site. I look forward on detailing my thoughts and approaches coming up during my work; Ventilation, HVAC types, in line or ducted systems. The interactions of sound proofing, sound treatments, and sound penetrations for ventilation. Reverberation and sound absorption, plus the impact of acoustic treatments on interior design. I’d like to include design proposals I currently work on from multi room recording studios with rooms all working independently to worship halls, restaurants and clubs that are striving to improve their acoustics. Lets all celebrate a better sounding world and here’s to wishing all of you a healthy and Happy New Year! Steve

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